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After building Custom Dream homes for our clients near Greenville, SC for over 15 years, we’ve met quite a wide variety of customers that come to us searching for a builder partner. These customers aren’t just locals, but often time are from out of State, and haven’t yet found land for their new home. At A2E Builders, we get a lot of questions about good locations, and it’s a tough question, because there are so many great ones! Here’s a brief highlight of one place here in the Upstate where we build high quality custom homes in – Greer!

Greer, SC with a charming historic downtown is a fast-growing city. It is neighbor to Greenville, SC one of the fastest growing cities on the east coast and home to the only BMW assembly plant in the United States. Greer is also neighbor to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. A site that can be seen right from your local road you take to work. With its small-town charm feel and its fast-growing city opportunities, Greer is the city to be. 


Long before Greer was established it was home to the Cherokee Indians. It was not a part of the settlers’ lands until 1777 when the Cherokees signed a treaty to cede all land in SC. 

Greer was formed based off a 200-acre farm owned by James Manning Greer; it was known as The Blakely Place. This farm was the first known house in Greer and was found on Victoria St behind Greer Drug Company. After selling land to the railroad company, Greer sold all his land to W.T. Schumate who began selling lots with the growing potential of a town. Greer flourished, building a new hospital and high school, and continued to grow through the modern century. Flash forward to today and we have the city of Greer. 


Greer livability is amazing. It ranks #18 most livable cities in the whole state. Some advantages include the following:

Locally Elected Officials

Greers mayor and members of the Greer City council come right from just next door. They are also in Greer for the same reasons as you and they care about your questions, comments and opinions on all matters. If you are lucky, you might be their next-door neighbor, giving you all the access to chat with them.

Police Protection and Response

The police department of Greer city believes in partnership when it comes to police work. They care about the community and will respond actively. They are active in the community giving them great opportunity to help solve law enforcement issues of any kind. They also have an animal control officer.

Well Rounded Family Fun

The city of Greer offers something for any age. There are many concerts, holiday events, and festivals downtown. Greer also offers 16 recreational parks. Greer has many amazing youth and adult sports programs, art classes, theatre classes and more. Find your favorite hobby and Greer has the opportunities. 

Waste Removal

Limb, leaf, and trash removal is available to all City of Greer residents. 

Fire Protection and Prevention Services

Just as the police department the fire department services are just as fast acting. In the year if 2021 the department received a Class 1 for improved insurance ratings. 

Excellent Infrastructure

The city consists of 80 miles of road it maintains, 35 miles of sidewalks, and 30 miles of storm drainage. The recreation department offers 113,000 square feet of indoor recreation space and 140 of outdoor park space. Greer is known for its charming appeal in both residential and commercial areas.

Quality of Life

Large city amenities with a small-town charm are what you will find in Greer, SC. You can enjoy the best of both worlds in a growing community. The cost of living is below average than the average cost of living in the US. Yet another reason to move to Greer.
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Pictured: Greer Station 

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The Economy and Job Opportunities

The state of the economy in Greer is stable, with a 3.6% unemployment rate it is easy to find a job. The median house income in Greer between 2016-2020 was $65,516 and although this looks low the cost of living in Greer is so little.

Homes In Greer

Greer offers a variety of different homes. Many being new construction homes as Greer has grown over the past few years. Popular neighborhoods in Greer include the following: Lismore Park, Silverleaf, Pelham Falls, Sugar Creek, Richglen, Thornblade, River Oaks, Hillside Acres, Owens Farm. (MAYBE COOULD PUT GET IN CONTACT WITH US TO BUILD A NEW CUSTOM HOME WITH A LINK)

Schools In Greer

Greer consists of 12 great publ9ic schools. Education maters in Greer especially with the growing family population. You can also find 22 private schools here in Greer. Students can continue their education at the Greenville Technical College or a bigger institute like North Greenville University or Clemson. The following are elementary schools in Greer: Skyland Elementary, Woodland Elementary, Buena Vista Elementary, Chandler Creek Elementary, Crestview Elementary. The following are middle schools in Greer: Riverside Middle, Blue Ridge Middle, Greer Middle. The following are high schools in Greer: Riverside High, Blue Ridge High, Greer High.

Weather In Greer

Greer is definitely accurate to the seasons of the year. The summer is warm, ranging in the 80s-90s Fahrenheit and the winters are very cold ranging in the 30s-40s Fahrenheit. Greer typically does not get snow, if any it is about 3 inches once a year. The fall and spring seasons range between the 60-70s Fahrenheit.

Hottest Month: July (80°F avg)

Coldest Month: January (42°F avg)

Wettest Month: March (56.5 mm avg)

Windiest Month: April (11 km/h avg)

Annual Precipitation.: 568.0 mm avg


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