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How To Choose The Right Plan


With endless options and the technology, we have today chosen a house plan can be a hard and lengthy process. This guide will breakdown some of the most common plans we are seeing in year 2023, tell you what to look for when your viewing plans, and overall make your house plan selection process more efficient.

The Trending Plan Types of 2023

Trends are very dependent on opinion and style. Trends may be different depending on the region or area you live. The following is based off opinion of builders/ house plan designers and what they see most commonly.

Coming into trend there is a rise for barndominium type house plans. Lots of storage with completely open simple concepts. They also contain larger garages which seems to be a want from anyone. It seems people love the idea of the barndominium being so simple and costing less to build. Therefor leaving more money in the budget for larger square footages. The minimalistic look has also gained popularity over the past year and can be seen through all forms of media online.

The reigning house plan for years now and more to come is the Modern farmhouse. The Modern farmhouse seemed to make a bang in the year of 2021 and remained very popular in 2023. Many people loving the look of the wrap around front porches, metal roofing and wood accents. The modern farmhouse is a mix of it all. The modern farmhouse is a good blend of traditional and modern elements. It is common to see industrial lighting incorporated into these homes and use of wood accents. Often modern farmhouses incorporate (just as the barndominium) elements of simplicity as far as the plan goes. Often, they are very open concept. 

Setting Your Priorities in Plan Selections

Forming a list/ multiple lists with what you want, and need will be very helpful when sorting through plans. This list is also helpful later in the plan choosing process because it will give the builder the opportunity to adjust your plan based off your list.

  1. List your must haves. What must you have in your dream home? 
  2. Determine what you want design/ architecturally. Are you looking for open concept, looking for something with separate spaces/ tall roof lines?/ multiple stories? The list could go on, but there is an architectural design for anyone.
  3. Stay within budget. It is hard to get your heart and mind set on something and let money get in the way of that idea. Stick with plans within budget, there are plenty to chose from.
  4. List out your dream preferences. If something is not a top priority, keep it in mind in case the budget allows for some wiggle room.
  5. Nail down square footage range for your future home, as well as amount of rooms or stories. This will help immensely when sorting through plans.
  6. Get specific. The more specific you can be with what you want the easier it is to narrow down your options. There are so many amazing websites/ online sources that can provide wonderful. Many of these sources give options you can select, such as number of rooms and style of homes. 
  7. Make sure you know your zoning laws or regulations for the lot your building on. This obviously is variant on region/ area.

Bringing Your Dream Plan to Life

Once you have nailed down priorities, chosen the style of your home, and found a plan you love or even like you can take your next step. Bringing that plan into A2E Builders is the next step. Co-founder or A2E and plan designer, Jay Estola, will be able to revamp your plan into what you want and need if it is missing anything. A2E Builders goal is to build your dream home and help you to stay within your budget. A2E will help you create your dream plan and make that plan come to life. 

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