A2E Builders

From a House to a Home

As we walk through just a small glimpse of A2E’s Luxury Custom Home building process, there is one thing that will stand out to you the moment you walk through our doors. Out of the many things A2E Builders does to go above and beyond for their client’s – one of the most important factors at A2E and its strongly devoted team it’s curated of – is truly making you feel like a part of the family the moment you walk through the doors. This is something we aim to provide for all of our partners in the Greenville and Traveler’s Rest SC area. 

The first step of going from a house to a home with A2E Builders, is consulting with well-versed builder and co-founder, Bruce Aho. Meeting with Bruce from the start means significant savings in the long run. As seasoned builders in the upstate, A2E has never built the same house twice and you can count on them bringing their knowledge of building and cost-efficiency to the table. This knowledge not only contributes to making the best design choices, but to also fit any budget.

The team’s in-house designer and co-founder, Jay Estola, then partners with Chief Architect to make your detailed dreams a reality. Not only does he create floor plans, but also 3D renderings and walk-through videos of your custom home. This high end technology empowers the team to make you feel like you’re already home.

In the duration the team is perfecting every detail of your desired plans, you’ll begin making your creative selections on your luxury custom home. This will provide the subcontractors and vendors to make a realistic estimate for A2E’s experienced estimator, John Zook to gather and analyze. For those who would rather be liberated from the detailed decision-making, a very talented interior designer, Kimberly Haynes, can work closely with you to help your building process go smoothly if you so choose. Whether you decide to use Kimberly’s assistance or decline, A2E’s Selections Project Manager, Rachel Aho, will be with you every step of the way to keep you on schedule with your selections and communicating with vendors to reflect the timeline provided by Bruce and the Supervisors. When it comes time to build your luxury home near the Greenville, SC area, we think you’ll really like our process.

Once you’ve fallen in love with your home plans and have been curating selections, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the moving pieces and that’s why A2E Builders is set apart from the rest. The team creates full transparency and trust throughout the process beginning to end. They provide your own personal log-in and password to an online, user-friendly, construction management program. This allows you to view schedules, selections, deadlines, documents and an incredibly detailed financial breakdown all at the tip of your fingers. Their goal is to offer a process that caters to you, and it shows.

A2E will then present you an executed contract and once the official permits are processed and approved, they will hit the ground running (or on your desired timeline) to begin construction. Our Project Supervisors, Randon Aho and Jay Somero, have years of experience in building a home from the ground up. They use their professionalism, expertise knowledge and communication in each step of the way to prove why they are the best in the upstate. Throughout the construction process, A2E provides comprehensive inspections for quality assurances. These don’t just start and stop with your finished home, they will provide a 12-month inspection after closing on your home. This way any minor cosmetic needs can be addressed and taken care of.

Although every home is different from the next, they are consistently diligent in ensuring the use of the best practices and the latest high quality materials from the ground up. You can feel confident that you will have a home that has a long life and minimal maintenance for years to come. As you come to the end of your house turning into a home, A2E Builders will still be your builder for the next year as your provided with a warranty that the state law requires, but is also one of the best in the business. But don’t worry, it’s simply never a goodbye – but a see you later. A2E is honored to have you a part of the family from your first step in the door and they ensure that.

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