Specialty Services


Avir Ventilation

Dehumidifiers aren’t largely effective because they only recirculate the same polluted air, work in limited areas, and fail to improve indoor air quality. They also require filters, buckets of water, and can rack up huge energy bills.

Fortunately, there is a better way to achieve a drier, healthier home, Avir. Avir ventilation removes moisture and dangerous pollutants, making your home healthier and more comfortable. Below is a youtube link for the

If you are looking for more information or you’re interested in purchasing an Avir Ventilation system, please give me a call at 864.554.4564 or email me at misty@a2ebuilders.com


Specialty Buildings

A2E Builders, LLC does many extra things along with custom home building and remodel projects.  If you are looking for a specialty project to add to your existing house or property, A2E Builders can help. From horse barns and gazebo’s, to work shops. A2E Builders has the experience and knowledge to build what you need and want.


Timber Frames

Are you wondering what to do to your outdoor living space? How about a timber frame pergola or covered porch roof? A2E Builders has recently bought a TimberKing 1600. This mobile timber saw will get your heart pumping when you see the trees from your own site reworked into your backyard living space or even indoors! Because we do our own milling, we can get you the finish you want. From rough-saw with a circular saw look to a band saw, or even a dressed timber look, this rustic feel can be added to any space. Experience with-in A2E Builders spans 3 decades of custom timber works. You can check out our TimberKing 1600 Saw Mill Prices.