Building Process

Finalize the Plans

Architects generally don’t maintain an extensive cost database since they don’t have to deal with the constantly changing costs of labor and materials. An experienced builder, however, can bring a knowledge of cost-effectiveness to the conversation—knowledge that informs the best design choices for the topography or unique lot conditions. For example, a lot with significant slope can be designed many ways, some far more cost-effective than others. Consulting with a well-versed builder from the beginning of the design process means substantial savings in the long run.
Once we have an approved design, it’s your turn to start dreaming. While we are finalizing plans, you’ll be making your creative selections. To guide you along the way, A2E Builders LLC has an exceptionally detailed and user-friendly construction management system that allows you to be organized, stay on track, participate in the selections, change orders, and watch the design and construction of your home.
From allowances, to paint colors, to appliances, to decision deadlines, to the tools to make all of your appointments productive and efficient, everything is right at your fingertips. Our coordinator will walk you through what you need to do and when. For those who’d rather be liberated from decisionmaking, we have an option for you as well. No matter how much or how little you’d like to be part of it, our goal is to create a process that suits you just as much as your future home itself.
While you are focused on designing your home, we’ll be busy preparing your Detailed Construction Documents, which will include your:
  • Construction Contract
  • Final Cost Breakdown (incorporating any changes you have made during design)
  • Detailed Specifications Document

Finalize the Plans

Break Ground

As soon as we’re permitted, we’ll break ground and begin construction. At this stage, you’ll already have a thorough understanding of how the home will look and what will be in it—now, it’s simply a matter of watching your construction team make it a reality.
Throughout the construction process, A2E Builders LLC provides a comprehensive suite of inspections and quality assurance. These include our:
  • Inspections at every major stage of construction (i.e, pre-slab pour, electrical and mechanicals, etc.) to validate the quality of our work.
  • Regular walkthroughs with your Construction Manager at each stage of construction where we double and triple check that everything is progressing the way you want it.
  • Continuous Punch List System that allows us to track each trade and review their punch list at each stage of construction. This eliminates costly errors and rework.
  • “End of project” management inspection and project review.
  • 6, and 12-month quality assurance inspections. Sometimes you need to live in your home for a while before you notice minor cosmetic needs. A2E Builders LLC’s warranty allows you to call any items that need attention, which we then come out and take care of on your quality inspection date.

Breaking Ground


Building a Home

To ensure the long life and minimal maintenance of your home, we’re diligent about building according to proven scientific  methodologies. While there are far too many to cover here, below are just a few stages of the home building process and how we address quality control in each of them.
Although every home is different, the quality and systems are always the same:
  1. Pour the Foundation
  2. Build the Frame
  3. Install the Roof
  4. Install Mechanicals (wiring, plumbing, & duct work)
  5. Insulate and Sheet Rock
  6. Install Flooring, Cabinets, Trim, & Paint
  7. Bring in Countertops, Appliances, Plumbing & Electrical Top-Out
  8. Install Hardware, Mirrors & Glass
  9. Final Touches & Final Clean
Building a Home

Move In!

Once you’re moved into your new home, we’ll still be your builder for the next year. We provide a warranty that the state law requires, but is also one of the best in the business.

Custom Home Warranty

Our One-year warranty covers: lot grading & drainage; foundations & slabs; exterior concrete flatwork; framing; wall, ceiling, & beam tolerances; sub flooring & stairs; drywall tolerances & imperfections (blisters, cracks, seam lines, etc.); insulation; exterior siding & trim; masonry; stucco; roofs (flashing, vents, louvers, gutters/downspouts, shingles/tiles, etc.); doors & windows; carpet; finished concrete flooring; wood flooring; hard surfaces (ceramic tile, flagstone, marble, granite, etc.); painting, staining, wall coverings, plumbing fixtures, & accessories; pipes & vents; heating & cooling; ductwork; electrical fixtures (including smoke & CO2 detectors); interior trim; closet shelving; mirrors; glass shower doors; hardware & ironwork; fireplaces; irrigation systems; fencing; pest control; electrical delivery systems; electrical wiring/panel/breakers/fuses; electrical outlets & GFI; wiring & outlets (for cable TV, telephones, Ethernet, etc.); plumbing delivery systems; wastewater treatment system; HVAC delivery systems; refrigerant line; heating & cooling functions.
In addition, we provide a 8-year warranty on structural components such as footings, foundations, beams, headers, girders, lintels, columns, load-bearing walls, partitions, roof framing systems, ceiling framing, floor systems, and masonry arches.
At A2E Builders LLC, we do more than build great homes. We protect them with an exceptional warranty to give you the best compliment to luxury: peace of mind.

Move In!


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