Building Process


Consulting with a well-versed builder from the start means significant savings in the long run. As seasoned builders, A2E can bring their knowledge of building and cost-efficiency to the table. This knowledge not only contributes to help making the best design choices but to also fit any budget.

Our in-house designers use Chief Architect. This architecture software enables us to make your dreams a reality. We cannot only create floor plans, but also 3D renderings and walk-through videos. This incredible technology empowers our team to make you feel like you’re already home.

While we are finalizing plans, you’ll begin making your creative selections. This will help our subcontractors and vendors make a realistic estimate. Since A2E is a custom home building company, you get to choose every detail that goes into your home. For those who would rather be liberated from the detailed decision-making, we can refer an interior designer to help your building process go smoothly if you so choose.

We also use an online, user-friendly, construction management system. This allows you to view schedules, selections, deadlines, and documents all at the tip of your fingers. Our goal is to offer a process that caters to you.

Once we have an executed contract and the official permits, we will break ground to begin construction. Throughout the construction process, A2E provides comprehensive inspections for quality assurances. These don’t just start and stop with your finished home. We also do six and 12-month inspections after closing on your home. This way any minor cosmetic needs can be addressed and taken care of.

Although every home is different, our high-quality methods are always the same. To assure the long-life and minimal maintenance of your home, A2E is tedious about our building process.


Once you’re moved into your new home, we’ll still be your builder for the next year. We provide a warranty that the state law requires, but is also one of the best in the business.





Custom Home Warranty

At A2E, we do more than build incredible homes. We protect them with an extraordinary warranty to give you the best element of luxury: peace of mind.


Our one-year warranty covers:
-lot grading and drainage
-foundations and slabs
-pest control
-framing (subflooring, walls, ceilings, and beam tolerances)
-doors and windows
-electrical delivery system and fixtures
-plumbing delivery system and fixtures
-irrigation systems and waste water treatment
-HVAC delivery systems/functions
-insulation and drywall (tolerances and imperfections)
-exterior veneer and trim
-interior trim/stairs
-floor coverings
-wall coverings, painting and staining
-closet shelving, door hardware bath accessories, and mirrors
-exterior concrete flatwork
-fencing and ironwork


In addition, we give an eight-year warranty on structural components. This includes: footings, foundations, beams, headers, grinders, lintels, columns, load-bearing walls, partitions, roof and ceiling framing systems, and masonry arches.

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