About Us

Our Story

For more than 10 years, A2E Builders has continued to design and build quality custom homes for range of clientele. Whether you’re looking for a classic bungalow or a customized, multi-story sanctuary; A2E is equipped with the experience and the ability to create your dream home. 

Welcome home with A2E Builders, LLC!

Who We Are

Bruce Aho

Co Owner

With an intelligence and background of over 30 years in residential and commercial

construction, Bruce is seasoned with copious talents and abilities. His knowledge expands from land development to the finishing touches and everything in between. Before moving to South Carolina, he managed an exclusive subdivision in New Hampshire. Bruce can often be found on job sites working along our team. He also excels in innovated brainstorming when it comes to customizing your dream home. His favorite thing about building custom home is that each client has new and neat ideas, and he gets to learn something with every home.

Jay Estola

Co Owner

For over 10 years Jay has honed his craft in residential construction.  Throughout that time, he managed many job sites and subdivisions. With an education in Computer  Science and Mathematics, Jay has used his qualifications and tech-savvy skills to help client’s aspirations come to life. Jay can often be found in the office designing lavish homes and pulling together proposals. His favorite thing about building custom homes is able to involve the client in every aspect, and that his days never become monotonous.

Our Team

Foreman’s, Tradesmen, and House Designers

A2E Builders takes pride in their craftsmanship. In the office and on the field, you can find their employees working diligently. They have a second house designer/office manage in the office. She works with clients from the beginning stages of their plans to selections throughout building. In the field there are foreman’s who oversee our projects day-to-day. Our foreman’s do walk-through with our clients, order materials, and work alongside our subcontractors. There are also skilled artisans in the field. These employees help our projects run smoothly and operate machinery.

After completion of any project, we want to count you as a friend – not just our client. So, take the journey and let us help you, “Create a house that feels like home.”